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Home Additions

Most homeowners are happy with their home, but there are always those little home additions that can make a home even better. Maybe you have had a few additions to your family since you first purchased your home. Maybe you have always wanted to have a screened-in porch so that you can enjoy the summer evenings. There is always some little project here and there that sits on the back burner. Talk to us today and discover how affordable a home addition can really be. Some of the most popular additions include:

• Extra bathrooms
• Decks and patios
• Additional storage space
• Expanded kitchen space
• More windows to take advantage of natural light

Window and door installation, whether it is part of a home remodeling project or new construction effort, involves more than just putting everything where it’s supposed to be. Windows and doors must be properly installed to ensure energy efficiency. We present a wide selection of windows and doors that match your decor and enhance the beauty of your home. We will gladly perform a brief inspection to determine how efficient your current windows and doors are. If it’s time to upgrade, we’ll find affordable solutions to fit your budget. The same is true when it comes to new construction projects. It’s all part of our commitment to our customers!

Contact us today, and proudly serving the Clearwater, FL area. Whether you are remodeling bathrooms and kitchens or looking to make some house additions, our pros are ready to make your dream an affordable reality. Call us today at (727) 539-8420!